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Coinsurance Calculator
Using the free online Coinsurance Calculator makes it ultra easy to calculate the payout for a home insurance claim. Enter in the replacement value of your house, the depreciated value of your house, the homeowners insurance coverage amount, the home insurance coinsurance percentage amount, and the amount of loss incurred. Try out the free home insurance coinsurance calculator online now! 

Coinsurance Calculator
Replacement Value of Home:
Depreciated Value of House:
Insurance Coverage Amount:
Coinsurance Amount (%):
Amount of Loss Incurred:
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Payment Protection Insurance
Use our PPI (Payment Protection Insurance) Claim Calculator to estimate your potential PPI claim.
Payment Protection Insurance is sometimes added to a loan without the mortgage holder’s knowledge, and a claim can sometimes be made based on that fact.
Our calculator should not be used to determine your actual claim amount.

PPI Claim Calculator
Loan Monthly Payment:
Length of Loan in Years:
Our free online health insurance costs calculator makes calculating your cost of health insurance as easy as 1-2-3. Just fill in the fields below and press calculate! Use estimates if you need to and just enter in your average number of annual Doctor’s office visits, your annual cost of in network care, annual cost of out of network care, your monthly health insurance premium, your health insurance copay, your health insurance plan deductible, the percentage that you are responsible to pay for out of network benefits, your health insurance plan out of network deductible, and your health insurance plan maximum out of pocket cost.

Health Insurance Cost Calculator
Number of Annual Office Visits:
Annual Cost of In Network Care:
Annual Cost of Out of Network Care:
Insurance Plan Monthly Premium:
Insurance Plan Copayment:
Insurance Plan Deductible:
Out of Network % Paid By Customer:
Out of Network Deductible:
Maximum Out of Pocket Cost:
Disability insurance calculator
Our free online disability insurance calculator makes it super easy to calculate disability payments, disability income, and view a schedule comparing your disability income versus your current income. Simply enter in your annual income, tax bracket, current disability insurance percentage, your maximum monthly benefit for your current disability insurance policy, your Social Security disability monthly benefit, any other monthly income sources, and any additional monthly expenses. Press calculate and see just how easy the disability insurance benefits calculator is to use!

Disability Insurance Calculator
Annual Income:
Tax Bracket:
Current Disability Insurance Percentage:
Max Monthly Benefit for Current Disability Insurance:
Social Security Disability Monthly Benefit:
Other Monthly Income Sources:
Monthly Expenses:

The Life Insurance Needs Calculator
The Life Insurance Needs Calculator makes it easy to calculate how much life insurance you need. Make sure that you have some hard and fast numbers behind your decision to buy life insurance rather than just guessing at how much life insurance to buy. If you have ever wondered how much life insurance you really need then this free online Life Insurance Needs Calculator is for you. Enter in the amount of annual income that you want to leave to your beneficiaries if you were to die, the number of years you would want to provide them the income for, and then the assumed rate of return on the money (i.e. the rate of return/interest rate that the life insurance proceeds could be sitting in the bank or sitting in an investment account earning for your beneficiaries). Start finding out how much life insurance you need now!

Life Insurance Needs Calculator
Desired Annual Income:
Number of years income is needed:
Assumed rate of return (%):
Amount of Life Insurance Needed