5 Types of Insurance That You Need?

1. Health insurance. Health insurance is one of the most essential forms of insurance you can buy. Just one hospital trip can run thousands of dollars, and a major illness can run tens of thousands or higher, depending on the necessary treatments.
To save money on health insurance, consider your needs and find a plan that gives you the maximum coverage at the best price. Consider looking at Individual Health Insurance vs. Group Health Insurance, a Health Savings Account, or Self-Employed Health Insurance
2. Auto insurance. If you own a car, then you are probably required to have a basic amount of car insurance, whether it be full coverage or liability only. To save money on car insurance, you should only have full coverage if your car is valuable or you still have a loan on it. You can also raise your deductible to save on auto insurance rates
3. Homeowners or renters’ insurance. Homeowners insurance is required if you have a mortgage on your property, as it protects the bank’s investment in you. You can save money on homeowner’s insurance premiums by increasing your deductible, combining other policies through the same provider, enhancing home security, and shopping for low rates.
Renter’s insurance is an often overlooked, but is a necessary form of insurance. Most people don’t realize they can purchase renter’s insurance for just a few dollars per month (I paid $120 per year for my last policy). Your rates may vary, but that is too inexpensive for the coverage and peace of mind you receive.
4. Life insurance. If you are single and don’t have anyone relying on your income, then you may not need life insurance. But if you have a family or other financial dependents, then life insurance is essential! There are many methods to determine how much life insurance you need, so I won’t cover that in this article. There are also several types of life insurance, including term life, whole life insurance, and variable life insurance policies.
5. Disability insurance or long term care insurance. These two forms of insurance are often overlooked, especially by younger individuals. But disability insurance can help you protect your most important asset – yourself. Many people also wonder if they need long term car insurance. Again, it comes down to many factors, but you should strongly consider it as you get older, especially if you have family history of health problems or are at high risk for certain health issues.

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  1. It is indeed important to have adequate insurance cover in place. You may resent having to pay monthly premiums but at least you can be sure that your family's financial security won't be compromised should unfortunate events occur.